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Crosscourt Volleyball Club was established in 1989 fielding teams from 10 & under through 18 & under. We are dedicated to developing young athletes that have a passion for the game into strong volleyball players that will possess the skills necessary to compete at a high level of play.

We are thrilled you are interested in having your athlete become part of Crosscourt's long history of club volleyball.  We have taken pride in developing our athletes into competitive volleyball players for over 30 years.  With the increasing number of club volleyball teams popping up around, it is important to understand some key factors when deciding on a club.  I have listed these factors under "What to Expect From a Club" below.  Please also take some time to review each of the other topics listed below, as I believe you will find the information under each topic useful during your search for the perfect fit...

Why choose Crosscourt?

  • Coaching Staff  Experience

    Our coaches at Crosscourt have a tremendous amount of experience.  Just check out their Bio's in the 'Coaches' section under 'Information'!

  • Practice locations

    We practice at convenient locations throughout the Lehigh Valley.  Check out our practice facilities under 'Locations'.  Most of our practice locations offer viewing areas, comfortable waiting areas, and also WIFI.

  • Cost is always important

    As well as what you are getting for your money.  Our fees are always posted on our website under 'Club Fees' so you know what our cost is and what you are getting for your money! 

  • Another important note relating to costs

     Most volleyball clubs are for-profit businesses with the #1 goal to make money. Crosscourt’s #1 goal as a non-profit is to pay the bills and focus on providing opportunities and developing volleyball players.

  • Length of time the club has been around

     As mentioned above, we have been around for a very long time with roots threaded throughout the Lehigh Valley.

  • Tournament schedule/flexibility

     Our teams practice twice a week and participate in tournaments that are selected as team.  We take pride in the fact that we do not dictate what tournaments will be played.  The coaches and team decide together which tournaments the team will participate in.  

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about our programs feel free to reach out!