Crosscourt Volleyball Club

Prep Program


We are excited to be able to offer volleyball training to the younger athletes of the Lehigh Valley through our Crosscourt Prep Program.

For players in grades 2nd - 6th, we offer a weekly program.

This Prep program will focus on the development of young volleyball athletes.

It is designed to keep kids moving, engaged and learning new skills.

Using a modified volleyball (weight appropriate for youth), our Prep program is the perfect way to teach aspiring young volleyball players the fundamentals of the sport.

We believe the Crosscourt Prep program will help younger players begin a love for the game and start developing their skills at an earlier age.

  • Schedule

    Currently finalizing prep program schedule.


    Currently finalizing prep program cost.


    All players are required to obtain a KRVA membership prior to tryouts.

    Ensure your membership is up-to-date so you can hit the court without any delays! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP


    All participants in our PREP program will receive a  Crosscourt T-shirt.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about our programs feel free to reach out!